Giving individual nail care in a fast paced world

If you are looking for a manicurist that cares about giving you the best nail care for your hands and feet, I may be what you are looking for.

I not only give individual care, I will work with you for long term beauty and health of your nails. I will inform you of what you can do between appointments and suggest the best products to use.

I use only quality products in my services such as: Akzentz Gels, Famous Names IBX Treatment and other products, and LCN Pedicure line. If what you want is natural nail care or enhancements, just polish or art, I can help you.

I am also a nail artist and educator, for nail professionals, for Akzentz and Swarovski Crystal Academy and an Influencer for Famous Names Products in the Ventura County, Los Angeles County and Santa Barbara County areas. I feel that education is key for succeeding in this industry.

Mission Statement

I am committed to giving the most knowledgeable and caring service as I can for both natural and artificial nails. I will treat you as an individual and not just a service to be done as fast as possible. I will take care to use only clean and disinfected tools and materials to keep you and me safe from infection.


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